RoAIS Special Interest Groups - the main driver of the IT&C Knowledge Hub
A Special Interest Group (SIG) is the main AIS vehicle to share knowledge in information systems and information technology. To read more about SIGs, please visit the official  web page here.

RoAIS-SIGs (RoAIS Special Interest Groups) represent local communities, focusing on specific topics in the field of Information Systems. The groups should meet regularly to debate on subjects of interest on. Each group is managed by a RoAIS-SIG Chair leading a committee of RoAIS-SIG Regional Representatives. The RoAIS-SIG Chair is in full control of  its committee and decides if the RoAIS-SIG will be connected to one of the main AIS SIGs or not. The list of current AIS SIGs may be found here.  The position of RoAIS-SIG Chair has to be confirmed on each Annual General Meeting (AGM) by the Executive Board based on members' feedback. The Executive Board is overseeing the  activities of all groups. The board is entitled to take any decision regarding a RoAIS-SIG, including the replacement of its Chair.

Each subject to be discussed within a (regional) group is announced in advance by each organizing site based on open proposals. Each meeting is organized around a presentation held by an invited speaker. The RoAIS-SIG Chair will do its best to identify/approve the right speaker for the subject. The presentation will be published on the RoAIS web site using the dedicated area for the group.    

Become a RoAIS-SIG member
By joining a group you may participate to group's meetings and discussions, receive information about forthcoming topics and access password protected materials. 

To participate, please use the following links:
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