About RoAIS
Romania Chapter of Association for Information Systems (RoAIS) is an official Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) serving Romania. The purpose of the Chapter is to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge among scholars and professionals in said state engaged in the development, management, and use of information systems and technology. RoAIS is managed by an Executive Board elected every two years.

In line with the overall mission of AIS, RoAIS focuses on interaction and knowledge exchange among academics and professionals engaged in the development, management, governance and use of information and communication technology. These interactions will be organized for both private and public sector, not only throughout Romania but also in the regional area.

  • Create an IT&C Knowledge Hub for communities’ development, peer-to-peer learning and meaningful partnerships in funded projects.
  • Strengthen industry-academia relationships.
  • Develop effective tools to promote IT&C research excellence and improve EU R&D funds absorption. 
  • Promote IT entrepreneurship and facilitate technology transfer.
  • Support professionals in career management.
  • Create an infrastructure for developing lifelong learning and training programmes. 
These objectives are met through a number of actions:
  1. Networking activities for both professionals and scholars developed across the country on specific IT&C topics.
  2. Invite IT&C communities to join the KH.
  3. Create a library of communications and invite speakers to publish white papers 
  4. Curricula facing industry needs workshops.
  5. Effective internships workshops. 
  6. Awards and distinctions plan
  7. Scholarships plan
  8. Students contests
  9. Tools to facilitate project proposals (e.g. experts network, publish success stories, private partners network)
  10. Workshops to increase visibility 
  11. Workshops for creating start-ups
  12. Personalized training plans 
  13. Analytics 
  14. Promote existing programmes and collect feedback
Founding members of this chapter hail from academic, private and public sectors.